Everything special about communities is made even better by trees. They pull people together, providing shady gathering spaces and boosting neighborhood pride with their beauty and bounty. Trees can be a welcome sign of healing when recovering from natural disaster — or even the first step to economic opportunity. No matter what a community looks like or strives to become, trees help make it complete.

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Helping your trees beat the heat

In the summertime, trees have strategies for managing the heat. But with temps on the rise, you can get involved to keep your trees healthy all season long.

What can you do to ensure your trees stay healthy all summer long?

A Sisterhood of Serving Others

Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority works to plant more than 12,000 trees in four years.

See how this nationwide organization is coming together to plant more than 12,000 trees for the benefit of everyone.

What could be more neighborly than sharing mangoes?

In Hawai’i, food insecurity is a complex issue — one that impacts nearly half of all households on the islands. Read how fruit trees can play a role in taking on aspects of this issue in both practical and social ways.

Learn how fruit trees can take on food insecurity in more ways than one.

Feeling Stressed? Find Your Nearest Tree

More and more, the correlation is clear: spending time in nature is good for your physical and emotional wellbeing. Find out how, beyond being seen as just a perk, green spaces are being recognized as a fundamental driver of positive health outcomes.

Learn how trees help us keep our cool in more ways than one.

Investing in Home

The Creekside Community in Greer, South Carolina welcomed its first residents in 2008. See how this community came together to root themselves in a sense of home.

Explore how a community came together to root themselves.

Up for the Challenge

One of the things that makes Boise special is its deep connection to nature and commitment to sustainability. Find out how we partnered with the community to help make The City of Trees a greener, more resilient place to live.

Find out how we partnered with Boise to help make the city a greener place to live.

Transforming Madagascar

Madagascar is home to one of the most remarkable ecosystems on the planet. Learn about our work with local residents who are growing and planting trees to combat deforestation.

See our work in action with those safeguarding Madagascar's future.

A Tree Can Be Empowering

The neighborhood of Brownsville is home to about 17,000 people living with food insecurity and a lack of fresh produce on a daily basis. Learn how, in the face of this food desert, a community came together to grow their own.

See a community's work in action in Miami.

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